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IGERT provides skills to build collaborative partnerships

Education Achievements

IGERT provides skills to build collaborative partnerships

The CHANGE-IGERT training program promotes environmental sustainability through collaboration across disciplines, and communication among researchers, and between researchers and the broader public. The Nelson Institute’s new undergraduate Environmental Studies major requires its students to participate in an interdisciplinary capstone course with similar learning goals. One CHANGE Associate (Dadit Hidayat), and two Trainees (Sarah Stefanos and Aleia McCord) have used their training to write successful applications to the Nelson Institute’s “Zieve Service Learning Capstone” competition, which funds graduate students who develop undergraduate capstone courses with a community service component. Hidayat’s has won this award three times, while Stefanos and McCord won it for the first time this year. CHANGE-IGERT training gave these students the skills needed to build collaborative partnerships with community organizations, which are at the core of high-quality service-learning courses.