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Program prepares trainees to be educators and mentors

Education Achievements

Program prepares trainees to be educators and mentors

Our training in interdisciplinary communication, group discussion dynamics, and process facilitation has prepared our students to become educators and mentors across campus. Trainees Erik Olson and Jessica Price served as graduate mentors for visiting undergraduate researchers in UW-Madison’s NSF-funded Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program during summer, 2012. Trainee Price served as a graduate TA in the Biology Core Curriculum, while Trainee Maggie Grabow served as a TA for an Environmental Health Principles class. Trainee Vijay Limaye created a new “Mentor Match” program that connected graduate students (including Trainee Grabow) with undergraduates in the Nelson Institute’s new Environmental Studies major to discuss coursework, post-graduate plans, and academic life skills. In all of these cases, our trainees credit their CHANGE-IGERT training as a significant factor in their interest in, and success at, teaching and mentoring.