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Capstone course produces analytical reports for clients

Education Achievements

Capstone course produces analytical reports for clients

Our IGERT has been institutionalized as the graduate Certificate on Humans and the Global Environment (CHANGE). The certificate culminates in a capstone course that requires Trainees and Associates to produce useful, collaborative research for an outside or on-campus client. This year our 10 CHANGE scholars produced original analytical reports for three clients: the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources “Green Tier Legacy Communities” program (on local government sustainability criteria), the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability (on campus energy and material “metabolism”), and the non-profit “Open Source Seed Initiative” (examining the role of private “ownership” of genetic material on the work of plant breeders at land-grant colleges). Producing these reports gave Trainees and Associates direct experience with interdisciplinary environmental research on real-world problems, and their work is being used by each of these clients to further sustainability goals.