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Agent-based model of population-environment interactions

Trainee Achievements

Agent-based model of population-environment interactions

Drawing on skills from a new CPC-IGERT course offered by IGERT Stephen Walsh, students from ecology, geography, and public health combined their efforts and disciplinary comparative advantage to build an agent-based model of population-environment interactions, resulting in a manuscript to be submitted for publication in Population and Environment. This model will provide the expertise and tool kit for IGERT trainee Brian Miller to include agent based models in his fieldwork in Tanzania during summer 2009.

Miller, B. W., Breckheimer, I., McCleary, A. L., Guzmán-Ramirez, L., Caplow, S. C., Jones-Smith, J., Walsh, S. J. In progress. A Stylized Environment & Agent-Based Models: a Case Study of Population-Environment Interactions in the Galápagos Islands. To be submitted to Population and Environment.