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Seed dispersal by bats in forests in Tanzania

Trainee Achievements

Seed dispersal by bats in forests in Tanzania

In addition to her IGERT Fellowship, Trainee Carrie Seltzer received another NSF Fellowship, a Graduate Research Fellowship. Her application was submitted in November, 2008 and she was notified of the award in April, 2009. Her proposed research involves a study of seed dispersal by bats in fragmented forests in Tanzania. Bats are an important disperser of seeds in tropical forests, but hers will be one of the first studies to directly examine the role of bats in maintaining forest diversity. The area of her study, the East Usambara Mountains, are a biodiversity hotspot that has become highly fragmented by tea plantation and other human activities. The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship will be used for support after her two years of funding through her IGERT Fellowship.