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Developing a web-based platform for data collection

Research Achievements

Developing a web-based platform for data collection

The PI and one of the Co-Investigators for the IGERT have been working collaboratively with graduate students (including IGERT trainees) on the Personal Understanding of Life and Social Experiences (PULSE) Project to develop a web-based platform for data collection. This system allows for assessment of people over multiple time points, provides visualization for participants using their own data, and we can analyze data to determine the extent to which engagement of people with their own data through visualization is helpful for meeting health goals. Results from this study are being presented at the EuroVis conference in Vienna, Austria this June and will also be published as a short paper.

Pham, T., Mejia, S., Metoyer, R., & Hooker, K. (2012, June). The Effects of Visualization Feedback on Promoting Health Goal Progress in Older Adults, Short Paper in Proceedings of Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis), Eurographics Conference on Visualization, Vienna, Austria.