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The MILES On-the-Road Tour

Education Achievements

The MILES On-the-Road Tour

The MILES On-the-Road Tour, in which all MILES graduate students and two MILES faculty traveled to one industry (Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH) and a professional meeting (Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Indianapolis, IN) was an effective tool for introducing students to opportunities for potential internships, post-docs, and employment, increased visibility of the MILES program to potential industry partners, and established a sense of community among MILES members. At Procter and Gamble, exchange of research interests from industry researchers and students were conducted during seminar sessions. The three day professional meeting provided students with the experience to present their research activities during poster sessions. Students indicated they would consider Procter & Gamble for internship or employment options and appreciated getting exposure to both industry and academic/professional meeting settings.