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Personal care products and environmental issues

Research Achievements

Personal care products and environmental issues

The 2009 cohort of UC Davis REACH IGERT trainees used an internet survey with 1400 respondents to examine how people in the US perceive personal care products that contain fragrances as a case study of an emerging environmental issue. They found that 25% percent of all respondents reported seeking information about fragrances in personal care products, with 68% reporting that they read product labels. Only 23% of respondents knew that the government does not require that all fragrance chemicals be listed on personal care products. However, approximately 80% of respondents supported government regulation of labeling for ingredients in personal care products.

The researchers concluded that consumers need accessible information that details both health and environmental consequences. They recommended drafting policy regulations for both chemical products used and labeling in personal care products, and economic tools that provide incentives for industry transparency in ingredient use.