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Trainees start strong

Trainee Achievements

Trainees start strong

In the 1st year and in this 2nd year of the IGERT, two students recruited for this IGERT placed out of 2 out of the 3 first year courses at Hunter/CUNY. Both students scored very high on the placement and proficiency examinations at the beginning of the first semester. This feat allowed the students to 1) start their research immediately and 2) to complete her required course work within their first year in the program. This accomplishment also provided impetus for the CUNY graduate center to allow first year students more flexibility in taking courses at neighboring institutions under the consortial agreement.

The first IGERT trainee, M. Deri, also completed all of her requirements (seminar, original research proposal) to become become advanced to candidacy within her first year in graduate school. This accomplishment has never been done for many years, if ever (at least not to the knowledge of the PI who has been at Hunter for 20+ years).