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Focus on group projects as a training element

Trainee Achievements

Focus on group projects as a training element

The SCALE-IT focus on group projects as a specific training element came to fruition this year. Team-based efforts included two educational and four research projects that advance the SCALE-IT missions of creating interdisciplinary scientists and developing novel cross-disciplinary collaborations in computational biology. The projects and SCALE-IT trainee participants are:

1. Bioinformatics Lab: Proficiency with PERL - Rachel Adams, Dylan Storey

2. Survey of Biology for Computational Researchers - Elizabeth Johnson, Denise Koessler, Jordan Utley

3. Identifying Structurally Important Anion/Cation-Pi Interactions in Proteins - Ben Goodrich, David Jenkins, Kyle McWilliams

4. Using Metagenomics to Map the Nitrogen Cycle - Steven Higgins, Thomas Lane, Caroline Rempe, Rachel Fovargue

5. Specmaster: Using Graphic Processing Units for High Throughput Protein Sequencing - Nick Lineback, Rick Weber

6. Tracking Spatial Information across Trophic Levels - Christine Dumoulin, Austin Milt