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Cultural Heritage Diagnostics course

Education Achievements

Cultural Heritage Diagnostics course

IGERT-TEECH is developing a specialized program for Cultural Heritage Diagnostics, a series of core electives augmenting those required by the trainee's academic home department. The first set of interdisciplinary IGERT courses offered this year included: Diagnostic Imaging (SE207): An active learning oriented course, focusing on imaging diagnostics for the analysis of engineered artifacts, leading to a better understanding about an artifact's state of conservation, and overall genesis. Team-based Embedded Systems Design (CSE145): students design, implement and field-test sensor platforms in a culminating design experience. Analytical Methods in Archaeology (ANTH258): Focuses on chronometric date techniques, site-formation processes, geoarchaeology, pedology, chemical analyses of soils, zooarchaeology, palaeoethnobotany, and inferring land-use strategies from archaeological remains. Seminar in Anthropological Archaeology (ANTH280D): development of archaeological theory.