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Technologies for health assessment

Research Achievements

Technologies for health assessment

We have established a framework for "Integrative Diagnostics," combining a broad range of "local" and "global" sensing techniques and technologies for health assessment. Non-destructive evaluation and structural health monitoring are traditionally divided into "local" approaches, providing detailed information on components (e.g. defect location), and "global" approaches, providing information on general behavior at the system level. Our local-global approach is performed in two stages: utilizing data fusion techniques, subsequently coupled to statistical pattern recognition algorithms, to combine traditional global/local sensing data; and furthering the development of new sensing techniques that stay at the local-global interface. The combination of multi-spectral imaging, e.g. infrared, ultraviolet, visible, microwave, X-ray, gamma-ray and terahertz among others, provides a powerful palette of analysis tools for temporal surface, subsurface and volume characterization.