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67 publications by student/faculty teams

Research Achievements

67 publications by student/faculty teams

Highlights from 67 publications by ABS student/faculty teams include: In Biology Letters Tobler et al. (including Z. Culumber) demonstrated fish in springs in Mexico evolved resistance to a toxicant introduced during religious rituals. In Conservation and Society F. Pegas and A. Stronza (Co-Director) studied linkages between traditional knowledge of fishers, changes in a village booming with tourism, and sea turtle conservation policies in Brazil. ABS students (Toledo et al.) published their ABSI project in Restoration Ecology. They tackled the controversial idea of “Pleistocene re-wildling” the American West to restore ecological functions by introducing African megafauna to replace species that went extinct from human hunting thousands of years ago. Their paper addresses the feasibility and ramifications of re-wildlng in terms of endangered species policies, landowner attitudes, and ecological and economic impacts.