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Metagenomics Analysis Workshop in Jackson Hole

Research Achievements

Metagenomics Analysis Workshop in Jackson Hole

A Metagenomics Analysis Workshop was convened in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (January 14-16 2011; co-sponsored by MSU TBI, DOE-INL and the YNP RCN) where several IGERT faculty, students, and outside IGERT scientific collaborators were able to discuss and compare notes on major metagenomic analysis approaches, data mining efforts and metabolic modeling. The workshop focused on collaborative efforts ongoing with the NSF Research Coordination Network on geothermal biology and geochemistry in Yellowstone National Park (YNP), and it is these communities that are among model geobiological systems for NSF IGERT student projects and model systems. Outcomes of the workshop included synthesis of techniques and approaches in the analysis of metagenome data, and these principles apply directly to modeling and systems approaches necessary in YNP case studies used in our required IGERT course in Geobiological Systems (DGED 611).