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Student exchange and collaboration with German lab

Education Achievements

Student exchange and collaboration with German lab

The IGERT Program hosted a student exchange to promote interaction with Dr. Britta-Planer Friedrich's laboratory in Bayreuth Germany during a workshop on geochemical modeling in June 2010. This educational opportunity and research collaboration with the Planer-Friedrich laboratory is focused on measurement of reduced polysulfides in sulfidic systems of YNP, which may be an important link for understanding S cycling in reduced systems exposed to oxygen. The research and educational collaboration developed during this workshop as well as during other student exchange visits from Bayreuth University, Germany to sampling sites in YNP and MSU laboratories in the IGERT program have resulted in the successful development of an international internship for IGERT Trainee Zack Jay during summer 2011. This work will form the basis for interaction of sulfur reducing organisms at high-temperature across environmental conditions such as pH.