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Role of social networks is theme of research

Research Achievements

Role of social networks is theme of research

Social networks are critical elements shaping the dynamics of social-ecological systems in northern latitudes. The role of social networks has been a theme of research for several RAP studies. Chanda Meek's dissertation research (2009) examined how sharing affected the effectiveness of co-management arrangements. The thesis of Marcy Okada (2010) compared the use of qualitative vs quantitative methods for assessing sharing networks of subsistence. Kofinas and student researchers of RAP are completing a detailed study of subsistence sharing social networks in three Alaskan communities. The preliminary results suggest the high importance of whaling in sharing networks in inupiat villages. Surprisingly, preliminary findings also indicate that the number of ties in interior Athabasican and North Slope Inupiat sharing networks (without whaling) are similar.