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Bioinformatics Student Organized Symposium

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Bioinformatics Student Organized Symposium

The annual Bioinformatics Student Organized Symposium was held on June 9th, 2010. This year's theme, Assembling the Puzzle of Our Biology, showcased techniques within the field that are being applied to study human health and biology. The keynote speakers were: Paul de Bakker - From GWAS to amino acids associated with HIV-1 host control; Isaac Kohane - The many faces of autism through the lens of integrative genomics; Peer Bork - Bridging spatial scales in biology: Correlating drugs and microbial communities via proteins to human phenotypes; Martha Bulyk - Transcription factor-DNA interactions: cis regulatory codes in genomes. All invited speakers were elected by the student body from a list of nominations also submitted by students in the Bioinformatics Program at BU. This year's event drew in over 100 attendees including faculty and students from BU and other universities in the Boston area.