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Trainees engage with industry

Trainee Achievements

Trainees engage with industry

ICE IGERT encourages trainees to engage with industry through a variety of mechanisms. Daniella Gonzalez (IGERT trainee, chemisty) was selected for the competitive Doctoral Summer Intern Program at Procter & Gamble. Marty Kolewe (IGERT trainee, chemical engineering) was a featured speaker for an industrial site visit. Marty presented his thesis research to Weyerhaeuser, discussing how his methods could be applied to Weyerhaeuser strategic initiatives. Marty found the experience valuable, commenting, "Aside from the direct networking connection and experience presenting research externally, this expanded my perspective of the types of applied research that companies are interested in versus the kind of basic research typically emphasized in academia. Not only did this meeting expose me to a different mindset regarding research, it also made me think of new directions for my own research and gave me additional motivation to continue moving forward with what I had."