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Business school fellowship awarded

Trainee Achievements

Business school fellowship awarded

Encouraging interdisciplinary initiatives, ICE IGERT is a springboard for innovative pursuits. Bhushan Toley (IGERT associate, chemical engineering) secured the Eugene M. Isenberg Award, a full year business school fellowship bestowed to students who demonstrate commitment to the integration of science, engineering, and management. Bhushan and his team mates from business administration, neuroscience and behavior, and polymer science and engineering translated Bhushan's thesis work into a business model for the UMass Innovation Challenge. Their company, 3D Therapeutics, is developing a proprietary in vitro model of biological tissues that will streamline drug development. The team secured first prize in phase I competition and was one of four teams to advance to the final phase. Bhushan delivered the team's sales pitch to a panel of entrepreneurs, legal experts, venture partners and consultants, and 3D Therapeutics earned second prize, which included a $20,000 cash award.