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Techniques gained from lab module and Pyrosequencer

Education Achievements

Techniques gained from lab module and Pyrosequencer

ICE IGERT supports shared equipment purchases that enhance facilities available for both training and research. Dr. Arcaro (Veterinary and Animal Sciences) championed the purchase of a Pyrosequencer and designed a novel lab module entitled "Analysis of DNA Methylation." This hands-on module exposed six students (from chemical engineering, chemistry, plant biology, and molecular and cellular biology) to experimental techniques (and people) that they would not have otherwise encountered. Students learned about bisulfite-conversion of DNA, primer design and PCR for pyrosequencing, and analysis of DNA methylation using a 24-well pyrosequencer. The module was highly rated by students, with 75% reporting it as "one of the best ever taken." One student commented, "I really enjoyed the lectures and hands on experience. They correlated really well and the instructors were awesome!" To date, 50% of lab modules have utilized ICE IGERT sponsored equipment.