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Student-centric research projects developed

Education Achievements

Student-centric research projects developed

Our group research programs have also begun to bloom. The biggest difference was the engaged involvement of our first student cohort. They made efforts to develop group research projects of their own design and to include our second cohort in the process. Therefore, the groups were more student-centric and the participants more invested in the research outcomes. Each of the four projects is leading toward presentations at national conferences and the second year projects should each result in publications. The excitement from this year's success has prompted our current students to begin developing next year's projects and they have already begun to engage the incoming group (our third cohort) even though they won't begin SCALE-IT until August (although a couple trainees of the third cohort will start in June with the expressed purposed of developing group research projects). This is in stark contrast to the negative feedback from last year's group research project evaluation.