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Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineering

Education Achievements

Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineering

We have set the stage for the integration of the "Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineering" into the curriculum of the computer science department. The course is essential to our interdisciplinary training program in that we need all of our SCALE-IT trainees to be effective programmers and be familiar with supercomputing. The course begins with "Hello world" and ends on the Kraken supercomputer at ORNL and has been highly successful in its mission to provide proficiency in C++ and prepare students for graduate level class in the CS department. This year, four SCALE-IT trainees took the class along with 15 other students from 10 different departments. This success has prompted the Colleges of Arts & Science and Engineering to cooperate and provide GTA and faculty resources to continue the class in subsequent semesters. The success and excitement of students in this class has also prompted our CS trainees to demand a similar course to teach them biology.