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Monitoring of neighboring vehicles

Research Achievements

Monitoring of neighboring vehicles

CTS studied monitoring of neighboring vehicles for safety via vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Monitoring plays a critical role in many V2V based vehicle safety applications, including Cooperative Collision Warning, Lane Change Warning, and Pre-Crash Sensing. We introduced the novel "continuous range k-nearest neighbor"(CRNN) query. A CRNN issued by a vehicle continuously monitors the locations of "k' nearest vehicles within range of the vehicle's location. The locations are plotted on the navigation system display, enabling the driver to be aware of vehicles that are not seen due to a turn, a blind spot, etc. We proposed a scheme for query processing to optimize the usage of wireless network bandwidth, computation cost, and local storage while preserving information on the continuous movement of vehicles within the broadcast range of a vehicle. Both our simulation and road test results confirmed the effectiveness and superiority of our scheme over current state-of-the-art.