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Interdisciplinary leadership groups

Trainee Achievements

Interdisciplinary leadership groups

Our IGERT trainees continue to form interdisciplinary leadership groups that engage in trainee-driven scholarly communications with the broader research community. In 2009 a group of 7 trainees submitted an editorial entitled "Priorities in indoor environmental science and health, as students see them," which was accepted and published in the prestigious journal Indoor Air. The sense of accomplishment from that effort has led to follow-up interdisciplinary efforts. During the past several months a group of seven past and present trainees in our IGERT program formed another interdisciplinary team to develop a detailed response to an article published in Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) and entitled "Avoiding Health Pit-Falls of Home Energy-Efficient Retrofits." Finally, past trainee Sonny Rosenthal (Advertising) has teamed with trainee Brent Stephens (Environmental Engineering) to work on development of a commentary article for EHP on Climate Change and Indoor Environments.