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Innovative new curricula

Education Achievements

Innovative new curricula

One of the most effective and highly leveraged ways for our IGERT to disseminate the "culture change" in engineering education is through the development of innovative new curricula ranging from textbooks to course modules to new courses, to minors and certificates, to entirely new degree programs. With our cross-disciplinary systems focus, we are making an impact on engineering curricula across both institutions. The development of courses, the introduction of new degrees, and the publishing of modular course material are the main areas of curriculum-oriented activity within IGERT. All course modules have been uploaded to PHARMAHUB. Access to PHARMAHUB can be obtained through after a free registration requirement. Since our IGERT started there are currently 13 titles with about 30 modules in pharmaHUB which provide PowerPoint presentations, videos and coordinated courses for instructors and practitioners in a variety of areas.