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DoD drug delivery systems

Research Achievements

DoD drug delivery systems

M. Brown, Trainee, directed by Dr. P. Takhistov, Food Science, is researching a Drop-On-Demand (DoD) automated system, created for utilization in single and multi deposition of polymer and drug delivery systems. Interactions and spreading phenomena of the drug nanosuspensions splat upon impingement onto varying substrates have been analyzed. Working with the Laboratory for Drug Delivery directed by Prof. Michniak, it was found that the morphology of the structures, controlled by surface properties and/or manipulation of print patterns, greatly affects the dissolution profile of the dosage form. Presentations: ?Prediction of API Dissolution Rate in Printed Dopamine Droplets for Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems ? (AIChe 2010) and "Control of drug crystallinity and solubility via pattern formation and substrate properties" (AAPS 2010). This contributes to the manufacture of (DoD) ink jet technology offering dosage control and the ability to distribute specific drug formulae.