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Trainee role model for underrepresented groups

Trainee Achievements

Trainee role model for underrepresented groups

We are especially proud of the extraordinary accomplishments of Daniel Ramírez-Gordillo (IGERT trainee, Biology, NMSU). As a highly productive and successful Hispanic student, Ramírez-Gordillo serves an outstanding role model for other members of under-represented groups who wish to pursue graduate study in bioinformatics or other STEM fields. Participation in and support from our IGERT enabled Daniel to work in the laboratory of Dr. Walter Fontana at Harvard Medical School in the summer of 2010 and to take advantage of an opportunity to travel to Chile to take a course on "Model Organisms in Regenerative Biology" in 2010. In addition to these internship and training accomplishments, Daniel's research accomplishments this year have been very impressive: 1 manuscript submitted and 5 posters presented at scientific conferences. Daniel is on track to receive the PhD in Biology, with emphasis in Bioinformatics, under the guidance of Dr. Elba Serrano (IGERT advisor, Biology, NMSU).