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Trainee collaborates abroad

Trainee Achievements

Trainee collaborates abroad

In Spring 2011, IGERT Trainee Brian Drawert spent 5 weeks visiting the lab of Dr. Per Lötstedt in Scientific Computing at Uppsala University, Sweden. Brian completed a technical report in collaboration with Andreas Hellander, and they began work on a paper, together with Dr. Stephan Engbloom, describing their jointly-developed URDME software. Brian gave a presentation on his recent results to the Scientific Computing and Systems Biology groups in Uppsala. He initiated a new collaboration with Dr. Tore Risch, Dr. Manivasakan Sabesan, and Salman Toor to utilize database technology in computational science. Brian and Andreas traveled to Umeå together with Dr. Sverker Holmgren and Salman Toor to meet with Dr. Erik Elmroth and P-O östberg. This also resulted in a new collaboration to enable grid computing in URDME.