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Center for Complex System holds conference

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Center for Complex System holds conference

The Center for the Study of Complex Systems sponsored a one day conference on disentangling skill from luck. The conference included a diverse set of scholars -- biologists, business professors, statisticians, political scientists, and psychologists. It also included leading investors from Wall Street, the former GM of the LA Dodgers, and one of the world's highest ranked bridge players.

As part of this conference, we had a group of IGERT students work on presentations related to the question of disentangling skill from luck. These students then presented their work at the conference. This was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn how to take a topic, develop a question, and then produce meaningful research in a short period of time. All of these skills will be valuable for them as they continue their academic careers. In addition, the topic and the conference required that they learn how to present to a diverse audience.