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New "Bayes for Beginners" course

Education Achievements

New "Bayes for Beginners" course

From its beginnings as an IGERT-sponsored course in spatial regression and based on continued demand, IGERT faculty Paul Voss initiated a "Bayes for Beginners" workshop this past spring. Of the 12 participants, 6 are graduate students or post-doctoral fellows affiliated with CPC. Professor Voss writes: " We worked our way through an orientation, culminating with a rather sophisticated understanding of, the Bayesian analytical paradigm. The educational achievements included a basic understanding of the theory and rationale behind Bayesian modeling and Markov Chain Monte Carlo estimation. Each student was introduced to (and gained some proficiency with) the WinBUGS software program and the ability to call WinBUGS from an R programming environment. Most of the illustrations used came from environmental or disease mapping applications."