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Education and outreach in nanotechnology

Education Achievements

Education and outreach in nanotechnology

The NSMS IGERT program has spawned interest in education and outreach in technology, specifically, nanotechnology. As a result of the outreach efforts of the IGERT fellows, a summer training workshop has been developed over the last semester, in collaboration with scientists and engineers from the Southwest Center for Microsystems Education (SCME). This training program will be offered to all IGERT fellows and all graduate students in the NSMS program. Students will learn how to develop hands-on teaching tools that can be used at all levels of education. The workshop will be run with help from Matt Pleil (SCME) and the educational goals of the workshop will be to provide students with the tools they need to develop demos and educational outreach materials that are related to nanotechnology. A focus will be on how to take a creative idea and morph it into a workable teaching demo, complete with multi-media displays and assessment tools.