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Upgrading StickNet platforms

Education Achievements

Upgrading StickNet platforms

In the class of meteorological measurements, students are challenged to upgrade the StickNet platforms to transmit the measured data on a real time basis. The StickNets were developed by IGERT fellows in previous years to record wind speed and other meteorological data in land falling hurricanes. These platforms have been used successfully to record wind speed data in the past; however, the data modules have to be retrieved prior to downloading the data. This mode often took a few days if the StickNet platform was in a surge zone and the surrounding area was covered with water. Real time streaming of data will help retrieve the recorded wind speed data immediately, as well as making it available to the National Hurricane Center. NHC uses many sources of data to develop wind speed contours for use by the insurance industry and emergency personnel. This practical data use is satisfying to students who have worked innovatively, and is an excellent educational experience for students.