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Annual student retreat held

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Annual student retreat held

The annual student retreat was held on July 20, 2010. Dr. Melur Ramasubramanian, NSF IGERT program monitor attended the retreat and visited the THz Center and ultrafast 90 GHz transistor lab. A student committee (Xiaofei Lu, Mitch Leroy, Eduardo Castillo, and Adam Gennett) was elected among the trainees. The committee surveyed a retreat date, invited speakers, collected abstracts and posters, and arranged a schedule of events under the supervision of the IGERT PI, G.-C. Wang. The speakers were IGERT alumni Dr. Brian Schulkin from Zomega THz Company, Dmitry Veskler from SEMATECH (Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology), and William Stillman from RPI ECSE Department. The panel gave short talks on how to prepare for working in industry and at national labs and then opened for questions and answers. Rensselaer administrators including the Dean for Graduate Recruiting, IGERT advisors, summer REU students and their advisors attended the retreat.