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Technology adoption of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Research Achievements

Technology adoption of Fuel Cell Vehicles

A management student, Eric Peterson, has focused on technology adoption and diffusion of Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs). Significant numbers of FCVs have yet to be sold to consumers, and even those which have are arguably not true mass production items. Based on discussions with engineering professors and students in the IGERT, he is researching potential technology and policy antecedents of FCV markets; he is considering the possibility that home reformer stations may bridge the gap in H2 distribution infrastructure and is looking at regional demand and policy incentives for the sale and installation of such devices at the single residence, apartment, or power substation level. He has made satisfactory progress in the technical coursework required by the IGERT. As a management major, and notwithstanding his undergraduate background in engineering, he has benefited greatly from the support of his technical cohort-mates in his IGERT classes and interactions with other IGERT trainees.