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Trainee awarded fellowship to Vespucci Institute

Research Achievements

Trainee awarded fellowship to Vespucci Institute

Julio Mateo (IGERT Fellow) was awarded a Fellowship to attend the 2009 Vespucci Summer Institute on Cognitive Processing and Representation of Place, Space, and Time. Julio's dissertation will address issues associated with navigation for people without vision. Julio is also actively collaborating with IT Copenhagen on the design of inexpensive, eye-gaze interactions with computers. He co-authored a paper presented at the Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Application (ETRA) in Austin, TX (Skovsgaard, H., Mateo J.C., Flach, J.M., & Hansen, J.P. 2010). Mateo also received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award in the WSU Human Factors Industrial Organizational Psychology Ph.D. program.