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BCB Lab provides bioinformatics consulting services

Research Achievements

BCB Lab provides bioinformatics consulting services

Achievements of the Bioinformatics and Computation Biology (BCB) Lab, an IGERT student organization, continue to represent some of our most unique and exciting IGERT achievements. By providing bioinformatics consulting services for biological scientists at both ISU and NMSU, BCB lab benefited IGERT trainees who worked in teams to solve in real-world interdisciplinary research problems. A high-profile example of this was also featured as an IGERT research accomplishment this year: IGERT associate Matt Moscow was first author of a featured cover article in Science on deciphering the TAL effector DNA binding code. Matt met the senior author on the paper, Adam Bogdanove (IGERT advisor, Plant Pathology), through his participation BCBLab (Adam is not Matt's major professor). Moscou is a founding member of the BCB Lab and recently completed his dissertation research on a plant pathogenic fungus under Roger Wise (IGERT advisor, Plant Pathology).