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Trainee presents research in an webinar

Research Achievements

Trainee presents research in an webinar

Saras Saraswathi (IGERT trainee, ISU) has been an enthuasiastic leader in advancing student participation in career development activities. Saras, working in the laboratory of IGERT advisor, Robert Jernigan, recently shared her research in a 1 hour IGERT research webinar on April 28 entitled "Protein Secondary Structure Prediction using Machine Learning Methods." More than 20 participants logged in for the webinar, and several scientists have contacted Saras since the webinar aired. Saras also hosts a blog on Nature Network, an international professional networking website for scientists ( In both of these venues, Saras has shared her experiences as a member of a Student Council's Regional Student Group (RSG) in the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). Her boundless energy and passion for science have encouraged and inspired other students, in our IGERT and now, around the world, to reach out and broaden their professional networks.