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Introduction to Sustainable Engineering course

Education Achievements

Introduction to Sustainable Engineering course

Introduction to Sustainable Engineering was taught for the third time during this reporting period. The course introduces issues of sustainability, possible solutions to sustainability through engineering efforts, and focuses on research approaches and methods. IGERT students are required to take this three credit course. The students developed preliminary NSF proposals, which were peer and instructor reviewed. The subject areas of the proposals were vastly different extending from evaluating biodiesel fleet transition to optical fibers for structural health monitoring. *GIS Applications in LCA of Biodiesel Use in PennDOT Fleet *Sustainable Site Index for Development in Puerto Rico *Deployment and Optimization of an Optical Fiber Structural Health Monitoring *System for bridges with an Economic Analysis *Life Cycle Decision Tool for Green Building Materials *A Decision Model for the Industrialization of Developing Countries *The Influence of Project Cost on LEED Point Achievement