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Trainee expands knowledge and collaborator base

Research Achievements

Trainee expands knowledge and collaborator base

Mr. Sanchez continued to expand his knowledge in other disciplines needed for his research by participating in classes such as electrochemistry, microbial physiology, and microbial genetic engineering. He has expanded his collaborators who now include Dr. Willie Harper (wastewater treatment processes, University of Pittsburgh) and professors from the University of Texas and SKK University in Korea who will assist him in the fabrication of nano-electrodes. Currently David is on a research rotation in Brazil where he is studying sustainability, and working on his research. He also is currently writing his dissertation proposal. David presented his work at the UKERC Summer Session in 2008 and was invited to submit an article for peer review. He also participated in the International Symposium on Microbial Fuel Cells, and the Annual IGERT meeting last May.