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ABS Certification Guidelines and courses

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ABS Certification Guidelines and courses

ABS Certification Guidelines and courses: The 10 Trainees have completed ABS I and most have completed ABS II. All have written their plans to achieve the 10 competencies required for Ph.D. in the ABS Program, met with their Curriculum Committee Advocate, and all plans were approved by the committee. These four-year plans detail how students will meet program competencies, including language, cross-disciplinary training, disciplinary depth, etc. The Certification Plan (available on was approved by full ABS faculty. The ABS I course was co-taught by a biologist and anthropologist twice to >30 graduate students, only 10 were Trainees. Syllabus available on ABS website. Although the course was required only for Trainees, more students registered for the course than could be admitted. The ABS II course will be co-taught in Spring 2010 by an oceanographer and geographer.