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Collaboration among ABS-IGERT faculty

Research Achievements

Collaboration among ABS-IGERT faculty

New and Continuing Research Collaboration Among ABS-IGERT Faculty: This IGERT has already produced collaborations among diverse disciplines. A journal article by Fitzgerald and Stronza defines Applied Biodiversity Science, describes case studies in Amazonia and Gran Chaco, and presents a method for building integrative research teams. ABS faculty in biology, economics, environmental policy, anthropology co-authored a manuscript on market-based conservation for submission to Conservation Biology that demonstrates the powers and pitfalls of market-based conservation. Other faculty from geography/oceanography/anthropology submitted an article to Conservation and Society on the value of "south-south exchanges" among fishermen in the Caribbean and small-scale farmers and hunters in the Amazon. Various ABS Faculty are leveraging this IGERT to enhance their individual grant proposals.