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Trainee publications, presentations and awards

Research Achievements

Trainee publications, presentations and awards

Publications, presentations, awards, by first two cohorts: Several Trainees have completed exams and advanced to Candidacy. One received a NSF-DDIG, another a NSF-GRFP. As noted in Publications and Presentations, ABS-IGERT Trainees are showing high research productivity. Students have framed their doctoral research to follow our programmatic vision of Applied Biodiversity Science, which includes disciplinary training, cross-disciplinary teamwork, collaboration with local actors in their field sites, and intentions to link theory with practice. The second cohort has completed their first year of coursework, including courses in their home departments, and the co-taught courses ABSI and ABSII. These and other IGERT activities, including our ABS Seminar Series and the weekly ABS Journal Club, the have facilitated completion of doctoral research proposals by Trainees. They are now initiating field research in three of the ABS case study regions, US-Mexico, Amazon, and Gran Chaco.