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Trainees participate in multidisciplinary course

Research Achievements

Trainees participate in multidisciplinary course

The IGERT students participated in a course entitled "Bionanotechnology: Interfaces and Devices". This is a multidisciplinary course with undergraduate as well as graduate students from Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering, and Pharmaceutical Sciences participating. As part of this course, the teaching faculty partnered with faculty in Spain to expose the students in the US and in Spain to a scientific global environment. The course was designed to be a very interactive class. For example, the students were presented with a challenge and formed teams each composed of individuals of different scientific and/or engineering backgrounds. Each team paired students from the US and Spain. The teams were asked to come up with an idea that would solve the challenge proposed, write an NIH-style proposal, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation to be delivered simultaneously in front of the two classes, one at UK and the other at URV in Spain