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Trainee forges collaborations

Research Achievements

Trainee forges collaborations

IGERT Fellow, Bright Walker reports: I have began collaboration with Toan Pho (IGERT Trainee, Wudl group) early this year, performing density functional theory (DFT) calculations to model the electronic properties of several of the materials that have been synthesized and planning to be synthesized. Additionally, I have successfully incorporated one of Toan's quinacridone based electron transporting materials into solution-processed blue OLEDs. I have also begun discussions with Nick Hight-Huff (IGERT Trainee) about collaborating on performing terahertz conductivity measurements on the organic solar cell films in order to extract charge carrier mobilities and other parameters. Finally, I have been collaborating with James Rogers (IGERT Trainee) comparing data regarding the phase separation domain sizes in organic bulk heterojunction as measured by electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy.