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Comparing steam rapid assessment techniques

Research Achievements

Comparing steam rapid assessment techniques

IGERT trainees Stacey Blersch and Michael Habberfield collaborated to compare stream rapid assessment techniques. These techniques are used to assess stream ecological health and structural stability and are key for planning restoration activities. The assessments, however, have been developed in disparate fields. The trainees compared the results for the same stream reach of two rapid geomorphic assessment techniques that assesses stream stability with those from a rapid bioassessment protocol that includes biological indicators. Results showed ways to link geomorphic with biological indicators for overall assessment, but showed the limitations of assessment at the reach scale for certain important processes. This research is a direct result of cross-disciplinary IGERT collaboration between an engineering student (Blersch) and an eco-geographer (Habberfield). Results have been presented at national conferences (AGU) and will be implemented into a publication.