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Faculty wins summer research grant

Research Achievements

Faculty wins summer research grant

Faculty participant Grinde, professor and chair of the Department of American Studies and Native American historian, successfully won a summer research grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Luce and Mellon Foundations for study of the historical Native American cultural and environmental influences on the upper Susquehanna River Valley in southern New York State. The study and subsequent report, "Upper Susquehanna River Valley Ecology", filed with the U.S. Department of Interior in the Fall of 2009, is part of a larger study of the entire Susquehanna River basin that categorizes the cultural and environmental resources of the watershed. The research begun by Dr. Grinde in 2009 is the initiation of a possible expansion of research efforts by IGERT personnel into a new landscape and that combines interdisciplinary work in Native American history and cultural resources with ecological assessment of an entire region.