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Trainee to be first to IGERT graduate from MSU

Research Achievements

Trainee to be first to IGERT graduate from MSU

Trainee, John Aston, will be the first IGERT student to graduate from MSU this May with a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering. John is a Native American (NA) student from the Wyandotte Tribe in Oklahoma. In addition to his significant research accomplishments (see trainee survey), John was a dedicated mentor for other NA students. As part of the Engineering 200 Designing Our Seminar course, John worked with the instructor to present and discuss engineering issues with the students. The course introduces NA students to the field of engineering and John served as a positive role model and resource. Through EMPower (Engineering Minority Program) John tutored students in math, chemistry, and engineering. In conjunction with the American Indian Research Opportunities program John introduced high school students to the Engineering Department and presented, "Acidithiobacillus caldus: The Mining Bacteria" to the group explaining his research and its importance to bioremediation.