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Incorporating video-conferencing into courses

Research Achievements

Incorporating video-conferencing into courses

Our IGERT expanded the range of students affected by our interdisciplinary training by incorporating video-conferencing in courses and by collaborating with other IGERTs in our educational program. The central feature of this effort is a course that provides the fundamental conceptual underpinnings for courses in the two Alaskan IGERTs (RAP and MESAS) and which is required for trainees in both IGERTs. This course is offered by distance delivery to provide access to students in all three Alaskan university campuses (Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau). We also contributed to a distance delivery course (Gyroscope) in social-ecological processes organized by the U.S. LTER network (networked in campuses across the U.S.). Many of our IGERT seminars and thesis defenses are now available nationally by video-conference. We also participated in an inter-IGERT sustainability workshop organized by the IGERT at Arizona State University.