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Effects of global change on HUman-Rangifer Systems

Research Achievements

Effects of global change on HUman-Rangifer Systems

Through research funding from the NSF and the Canadian International Polar Year (IPY), two PhD students, Archana Bali and Karen Mager, with Kofinas and Hundertmark, have researched the effects of global change on Human-Rangifer Systems. Bali created a videography called "Voices of Caribou People" with residents of six North American indigenous communities that have a dependence on caribou for cultural and nutritional needs. Fieldwork included 94 interviews generating 107 hours of tape, documenting local knowledge of change and concerns about future use of caribou. The film has won three awards and is posted at Mager's research integrates genetics, oral history, and ecology to study the Teshipuk Caribou herd and its interactions with reindeer. Both projects contribute to the CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring Assessment (CARMA) Network.