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Trainees required to take additional courses

Research Achievements

Trainees required to take additional courses

Each trainee is required to take one or two extra courses in year two of the program beyond the normal curriculum requirement. These courses must be compatible with the student's ongoing research and the theme of the IGERT which is biological networks. Topics may include biological networks, biological systems, probability, statistics, or data mining. The extra course requirement seeks to encourage students to extend their knowledge beyond the subjects covered in the core courses of the program. We had four second year students supported by the IGERT this year. The following lists the courses they took. Joseph Gerrein MA 684 (Applied Multiple Regression) Lisa Pham: MA575 (Linear Models) and MA578 (Baysian Statistics) Sara Baldwin: BE 562 (Computational Biology) BI 519 (Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology) Niraj Trivedi: BS 850 (Advanced Statistical Methodology for the Computational Biosciences), MA 565 (Mathematical Models in the Life Sciences)